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1967 Lamborghini Miura P400
  • Sold$1,750,000
  • Total Bids15
  • Time Left--
  • LocationBernardsville, NJ
  • 1967 Lamborghini Miura P400
  • Sold$1,750,000
  • Total Bids15
  • Time Left--
  • LocationBernardsville, NJ
  • A numbers-matching early P400 special ordered by famed sportsman Briggs Cunningham in the iconic Bleu Miura.
  • Fully restored by a marque specialist in California at cost of just under $300k USD.
  • Just 9,846 miles (15,846 KM) and 3 documented owners from new.

Sold post auction at $1,750,000 inclusive of Sackey & Co. buyer's fee.

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We are proud to present this incredible 1967 Lamborghini Miura finished in Bleu Miura over Senape & Bleu interior, with only 9,846 miles from new. This Miura was special-ordered new by famed sportsman, auto maker, Le Mans racer, and car collector Briggs Cunningham.

This Miura is fitted with chassis number 3249 and engine number 1540. It is the 104th Miura built, making it a highly-desirable early production 0.9mm chassis ‘Lightweight’ example. Its factory build concluded at Lamborghini’s Sant’Agata Bolognese factory on 1st of December 1967.

Upon factory completion, 3249 was shipped to USA concessionaire Bob Estes’ Lamborghini West dealership at 964 S. La Brea Ave. in Los Angeles where Briggs Cunningham took delivery. The Miura was a gift for Cunningham’s wife Laura, who soon after delivery requested the car be repainted in Pearl White and trimmed with a white leather interior. The Cunninghams’ Miura originally wore California- registered WAX 914, then later their personalized plate BSC LLC.

Road Test magazine published a three page story on the car in February 1969 (reprinted in Brooklands Books Lamborghini Cars 1970-1975 compiled by R.M. Clark on pages 11-13).

This Miura was later kept at the famed Cunningham Automotive Museum in Orange County, CA amongst its incredible collection. The museum produced two postcards with photos of this Miura, one of them showing it next to the Cunningham Bugatti Type 41 Royale. The Miura was finally sold from the Cunningham collection in 1988.
...special-ordered new by famed sportsman, auto maker, Le Mans racer, and car collector Briggs Cunningham.
Publications showcasing the Cunningham Miura P400 around this time included the Complete Book of Lamborghini (1988) by Pete Lyons and the Auto Editors of Consumer Guide on pages 164-174, The Great Book of Sports Cars (1988) by the Auto Editors of Consumer Guide on pages 238-239, and Lamborghini (1991) also by the Auto Editors of Consumer Guide on page 106.

Subsequent to the Cunningham ownership, 3249 lived in Colorado with an enthusiast owner.

The Miura was then purchased by its current owner in March 2014 showing 15,445 KM. From 2015 through 2016, the Miura was fully restored by marque specialist Bobileff Motorcar in California. During the Bobileff Restoration, the car was returned to its original Bleu Miura exterior livery, and the interior upholstered with Bleu and Senape leather. All in, the restoration totaled just under $300,000 USD.

Post restoration, 3249 won Best Finish Miura at the 2016 Concorso Italiano in Monterey, CA. The car later won Best in Show at the 2021 Festival Italiano IV by NJ Cars & Caffe.

Few Miuras remain today with 3249’s incredible combination of special provenance, numbers-matching status, low-mileage, striking livery, and full restoration.

This Miura is presented with a clean New Jersey title in the name of the seller's LLC. The title is free & clear, and ready for transfer to a new owner.
...incredible combination of special provenance, numbers-matching status, low-mileage, striking livery, and full restoration.
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This Miura is in exceptional condition, having undergone complete cosmetic & mechanical restoration in 2015-2016 by marque specialist Bobileff Motorcar in California at cost of just under $300,000 USD. During the restoration, the car was returned to its original factory configuration, with the exception of the inclusion of a two-tone interior color combination, Bleu & Senape, as opposed to the original all Bleu interior. Finish work was completed by Bobileff in 2017 to further enhance the quality of the restoration.

3249 has no history of accidents. The only cosmetic blemish noted is some minor paint wear on the passenger-side interior foot rest.
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Miura P400 3249 is a numbers matching example, with engine number 1540 remaining in the car today.

The car has been cared for to an exceptional degree, and performs as any fully- restored example should. It is started and run twice per month to ensure proper lubrication of all components. There are no known mechanical or functional issues outstanding.

Full restoration was completed in 2015-2016 by Bobileff Motorcar, with further finishing work performed in 2017. The mechanical portion of the restoration included all mechanical components on the car i.e. full rebuild of the original engine & transmission, suspension & brakes overhauled, etc. The engine’s oil sump was split to SV- specification, a crucial reliability modification applicable to most Miuras.

See the Miscellaneous section of the Gallery at the bottom of this page for full restoration agreement issued by Bobileff Motorcar, detailing the restoration work performed to 3249. In addition to the items noted there, the following extra work was performed:

1. The late S and SV cars have gussets welded onto the front frame members, located to the left and right sides of the spare tire, which increase the chassis strength and prevent any frontal flexing of the chassis. These were duplicated and welded on.
2. The S models contained additional welding on their chassis to strengthen it. This welding was duplicated.
3. An aluminum fuel tank was installed, along with a new fuel sender to operate the gauge.
4. A fire out Halon system was installed, which is driver operated with a pull knob to the left of the steering wheel under the dash. The canister is located in the front compartment.
5. A fuel return system was installed.

Gary Bobileff shared the following commentary about 3249 on December 19th, 2021: "When I restored 3249, not only did the S style gussets get welded in, but the entire chassis was stiffened, which makes the chassis immensely strong, as compared to any Miura, including SV models. None of these structural modifications are visible, when viewed or compared to a regular P400. The car can be jacked up on any corner, and the doors open and close perfectly, because of it's strength and rigidity, unlike a regular P400.”

In 2018, the car was sent to Classic Coach in Elizabeth, New Jersey to replace the original wiring at cost of around $15,000, the sole item which had not been addressed during restoration. A new battery was also fitted recently.

The tires currently fitted are the Miura P400-specification period correct Michelin XWXs, which were fitted to the car in 2016 during restoration.
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Included Ancillaries

  • Restoration documentation hardcover book.
  • Two sets of keys.
  • Tool set & jack with carrying pouches.
  • Craig Pioneer 8-track stereo head unit originally fitted by the Cunninghams.
  • Time Magazine with cover story “Road Racer Briggs Cunningham”.
  • Concorso Italiano 2016 “Best Finish Miura” trophy.
  • Festival Italiano 2021 “1st Place” trophy.
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Auction Updates from Sackey & Co.

Dec. 21st @ 11:24 AM PST: The Cosmetics section of the writeup has been updated for clarity. Images of the engine number have been added to the gallery Miscellaneous section.

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