2017 Ford GT
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  • Sold$950,250
  • Total Bids7
  • Time Left--
  • LocationLanghorne, Pennsylvania
  • 2017 Ford GT
  • Sold$950,250
  • Total Bids7
  • Time Left--
  • LocationLanghorne, Pennsylvania
  • Ordered new by renowned actor and comedian Tim Allen.
  • Just 739 miles.
  • Handsomely-specified in Ingot Silver over a Dark Energy interior and with the desirable Lightweight Carbon Fiber Wheels option.
  • One of the few modern Supercars with iconic Le Mans-winning heritage, and fully hand-built construction.

Sold at $905,000 plus Sackey & Co. 5% buyer's fee = $950,250 all-in.

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Sackey & Co. | Online Supercar Auctions is proud to present this stunning 2017 Ford GT serial no. H074 finished in factory Ingot Silver over a Dark Energy interior and just 739 miles from new. This Ford GT was ordered new and owned until late 2021 by Golden Globe-winning actor and comedian Tim Allen.

Background on the latest iteration of the Ford GT:

In 1901, automotive engineer Henry Ford and his 26-horsepower car “Sweepstakes” famously won a Detroit-area race against local favorite Alexander Winton in his 70-horsepower “Bullet,” a testament to the lightness & reliability of the car Ford had created. His win would attract the publicity and investors that allowed him to start the Ford Motor Company less than two years later in 1903.

Over a century later, in 2014, Ford quietly developed a twin-turbocharged V6 unit for prototype class racing, pushing it to an eventual win at the 2015 Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona. The engine took advantage of similar benefits to the V6 power units recently introduced in Formula 1 at the time, including better packaging, weight, & fuel efficiency versus the larger engines previously used. The spirit of this engine evoked that used by Henry Ford in his original racing car - a focus on innovative engineering over traditional thinking.

Casual observers believed Ford was simply experimenting with a new racing engine, but the company had bigger plans ahead. The ultimate use for the engine was revealed to be a new purpose-built Ford GT race car, which would have the incredible task of a return to Le Mans to recapture the glory of Ford’s 1966 Ferrari-beating 1-2-3 finish, 50 years later to the day in 2016.

Amazingly, they succeeded in achieving their objective, beating Ferrari once more for a 1st place class win and writing one of the great sports car & racing stories of all time!

The road-legal variant of the Le Mans-winning Ford GT was developed alongside the race version, borne as a required homologation effort and additionally as a gift to the Ford faithful, with only 1,350 total units planned. Completion of said production run is on-schedule to end in just a few months’ time, all allocations having been sold out. Built by Ford affiliate Multimatic, who are essentially to Ford what Michelotto is to Ferrari, each new Ford GT is hand-built to order. The car on offer here is a stunningly handsome formerly celebrity-owned example of this incredible racecar turned Supercar.
The road-legal variant of the Ford GT was developed alongside the Le Mans-winning race version...
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The Ford GT on offer:

Ford GT serial no. H074 and VIN number 2FAGP9CW3HH200074 was specified new by Tim Allen and delivered to him via Galpin Ford in North Hills, CA.

After around 4 years of ownership and use of the car, Tim Allen sold this Ford GT in October 2021 at 671 miles to the current (2nd) owner, and it is presented here in excellent near-new condition at 739 miles from new.

H074 was built to an understated no-stripe specification, with a total MSRP of $485,500.00. Options applied to this GT are summarized as follows:

• Exterior carbon fiber package in gloss finish at $15,000 cost.
• Lightweight carbon fiber wheels in gloss finish at $15,000 cost.
• Brake calipers in Blue at $1,000 cost.
• Indoor car cover in black at $750 cost.

The Ford GT is the only current Supercar that can lay claim to not only being truly hand-built, but to being directly based on a Le Mans-winning racecar. Modern Supercars with such iconic racing heritage as the ‘17+ Ford GT are few and far between, cementing the car as a certain future collectible classic.

This Ford GT is presented with a clean Montana title in the name of the seller’s Montana LLC. The title is free & clear, and ready for transfer to a new owner.
...H074 was specified new by Tim Allen and delivered to him via Galpin Ford in North Hills, CA.
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This Ford GT is in all-original, unmodified cosmetic condition. It has no history of paintwork, and has no accident history. The Carfax report is 100% clean (see gallery Miscellaneous section for full report).

The car is presented in near-new condition. The only noted blemish is mild scraping on the driver’s under-side of the front lip (not visible unless underneath the car, see gallery Miscellaneous section).

There are no cosmetic modifications applied to the vehicle whatsoever, other than professionally-applied full body clear bra.
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The tires currently fitted are the original O.E.M. Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2s the car left the factory with in 2017.

There are no known mechanical or functional issues outstanding. The car performs as any well-kept example should.

The only mechanical modification to the vehicle is a Heffner titanium exhaust system added by the previous owner Tim Allen - the original OEM exhaust system is included with sale.
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Included Ancillaries

• Photo signed by Tim Allen for the current owner upon his purchase.
• Original window sticker.
• Original carbon fiber ordering ‘Design Spec’ kit w/ box.
• Original indoor car cover with “H074” labeling.
• Original exhaust system.
• Original battery charger.
• Original build folder w/ factory build photographs.
• Original GT Owner’s Edition Chronograph book, visualizer, and paperwork.
• Original front license plate bracket kit.
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Auction Updates from Sackey & Co.

May 27th, 2022: A walkaround video has been added to the Cosmetics section.

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